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Bridging the gap between under-represented/resourced artists, education & art resources.
Image by Caleb Salomons GOLDEN paints art painting artist studio

Resource™ / access = material + educational + professional RESOURCE programming includes workshops, resources, opportunities, and supplies for under-represented traditionally under-resourced artists.

Resource/access increases access by under-represented/resourced artists to art-making resources in collaboration with Julian Peña Gallery. Our collaborative online portal to resources empowers artists to easily access real-time resource opportunities including grants and residencies with other organizations.   

CLICK the image above to learn more about DONATING  to nonprofit Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt

Inequitable opportunities for under-represented/resourced artists to access educational, professional, and material resources include acquisition barriers to industry standard art making materials, equipment, and tech innovations.

Educational and engaging connections by/for and between artists and community are facilitated by Resource/Access to increase equitable access to educational, professional, and material resources, including workshops and events. 

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