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to nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt !

Represent Resonate Resource nonprofit increases access by under-represented traditionally under-resourced artists to representation + resonance + resources.

100% of your donation supports nonprofit Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt, that collaborates with Julian Peña Gallery  to empower under-represented/resourced artists. 

CLICK the fundraising app above to DONATE  to nonprofit Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt
EIN 85-1330075 Represent-Resonate-Resource aka aRRRt
aRRRt is currently developing its online giving tracking forms to link to those mentioned below.  We'll slay 'em soon!
DONATING SUPPORT : All donations to Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt 501(c)3 public charity including amounts $250 above with option for official receipt for tax purposes tracked by the "aRRRt GIVE Donation Form" unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior, are classified as "without Donor Restrictions," in accordance with aRRRt's early adoption of The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) No. 2016-14 August 2016 Amendments to the FASB Accounting Standards Codification®, per the FASB's glossary elimination of "Donor Imposed Permanently Restricted and Temporarily Restricted" terms.  aRRRt internally self-determines donated support purpose(s), amount(s), and allocation destination(s) after considering the indicated donation's "preferred program purpose."  All event-associated donations, ie: aRRRt-raisers, memorials, pledge intentions, and fundraising must be pre-approved by aRRRt prior to anyone including mention of aRRRt in any articulation and/or publication anywhere online, print, programs, marketing, or otherwise.  Contact aRRRt to inquire about an event-associated donation, or to share non-event-associated planned giving intensions, submit an aRRRt Planned Giving Notification Form.  To support aRRRt with a non-cash donation, self-determine its fair market value before visiting the Donate Items page to submit the non-cash "aRRRt Donation Consideration Form."
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