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Our strengths include community engagement, nurturing under-represented/resourced artists, and cultivating culture in our community.
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Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt - nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity empowers underrepresented/resourced artists to exhibit and sell artworks while cultivating connections within the local community and beyond. Visit to support this collaborative, professional & creative advocacy platform empowering artists’ self-determinations about exhibition collaborations, community workshops, and equipping themselves, art space, patrons, and supporters to represent them and their work respectfully within culturally relevant contexts.

Julian Peña Gallery Seattle artist art show
VIEW the community ARRRT calendar to learn about engagement opportuntieis for artist and the community!

Community building is at the center of a/RRR/t's mission. Bridging awareness, education, value, and communication gaps between under-rep/res artists and the community includes Resonate/Arts programming amplifying the local and global impact and value of artworks by under-rep/res artists, by curating; art exhibits, workshops, events, social media, and open access to studio tours publicly accessible locally and globally on our Public Community Calendar. Publicly accessible pedestrian proximity to artist services and exhibitions increases equitable access to view aRRRt guest artists and artists-in-residence in collaboration with Julian Peña Gallery.

artist iva trifonova seattle painter art painting female immigrant
Represent Resonate Resource nonprofit aka aRRRt collaborates with Julian Peña Gallery located on Capitol Hill : 1633 Bellevue Ave Suite C Seattle, WA 98122
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